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Model: RS-F001

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    Five Colors 

    Lighter Size:55*21*10mm





    Customized Sticker / Wrapper

    RISE GOODS offers a complete range of disposable cigarette lighter and custom lighter wholesale for clients who involved in lighter business. in each manufacturing process, RISE GOODS take strictly quality control system to ensure the quality objective. The products include electric cigarette lihgter, flint cigarette lihgter, custom lighter.

    RISE Cigarette Lighter Apperance

    Cigarette lighter include several parts, lighter body, gas, pipe, piezoelectric ceramic, cap, fire-stone. The shape is oblong, because the raw material of ABS, the colors of cigarette lighter could selected by people's like.often customers like the transparent or solid color. when rub the lighter, flint hit by  grindstone and produce sparks to light the gas, and then produce the flame. for the sake of safe use, the flame height were controled to 2-3.5cm. absolutely, the cigarette lighter passed the leakage test by soaked in the 65° water. stable performance is featured of RISE cigarette lighter.

    RISE Cigarette Lighter Application

    Cigarette lighter used for smoking, light woods or fuel, lighter with LED can use for lighting, lighter with customized wrapper can used for companies to advertising, to promote the company's the daily life, the lighter is a essential product for people.