CR2016 Button Cell Battery

Model: CR2016

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    CR2016 Button cell battery

    Brand: RISE





    Packing:Blister card / Tray

    Shelf time:2 Years 

    RISE offers a complete range of CR series battery, AG series battery, lithium manganese battery, alkaline manganese battery, Zinc-Chloride battery, alkaline manganese dioxde battery. From AG0AG3AG10,  AG13CR2032CR2025CR2016CR9274LR44, 27A23A etc. and RISE offers clients customized tray and card packing.

    CR2016 Button Cell Battery Apperance

    Lithium Manganesse battery looks like the button and coin, so it also called coin battery or button cell battery, the 27A 12V alkaline battery assembled by pieces of AG battery cell. Its apperance like the dry battery, but the voltage and the current is different from dry battery, so its application is not the same with other kinds of batteries.

    Button Cell Battery Feature

    Terrific manufacturing process

    Low self-discharge rate

    Mecury-Free & Environmentally Friendly

    Long shelf time 

    Widely application

    Button Cell Battery Application

    Button cell batteries are applicable to low power consume electronic products, such as electronical toy, electronic balance, remote control, car keys, alarm, laser pen, beauty pen, pedometer etc.

    Button Cell Battery Specification Table

                           Lithium Manganese Battery Cell (0% Hg)
    CR927  9.5×2.7    3V  30mAh    0.2mA0.5
    CR1216 12.5×1.6    3V  25mAh    0.2mA0.7
    CR1220 12.5×2.0    3V  38mAh    0.2mA0.9
    CR1225 12.5×2.5    3V  50mAh    0.2mA1
    CR1616 16.0×1.6    3V  50mAh    0.4mA1.2
    CR1620 16.0×2.0    3V  70mAh    0.4mA1.3
    CR2016 20.0×1.6    3V  85mAh    0.5mA1.8
    CR2025 20.0×2.5    3V 160mAh    0.6mA2.5
    CR2032 20.0×3.2    3V 230mAh    0.6mA3.1
    CR2320 23.0×2.0    3V 130mAh    0.8mA3
    CR2330 23.0×3.0    3V 260mAh    0.8mA4
    CR2430 24.5×3.0    3V 290mAh     1mA4.2
    CR2450 24.5×5.0    3V 590mAh     1mA6.2