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Shenzhen Rise Goods Technology LTD.,is a professional manufacturer and exporter of cigarette lighters and button cell batteries.We have nearly twenty years experience in producing all types of disposable lighters and use an advanced system of Quality Control.Our products have won awards for their high quality,variety and design. Our manufacturing facility covers an area of 35,000 sqm., and we employ over 2,000 staff. Our delivery capacity are 50,000,000(50 million) lighters and 35,000,000(35 million) batteries per month. At Rise Goods-our continuing focus is on quality and customer service. To ensure the competitive superiority of our products and our client`s price position in their markets,we constantly strive to meet our own quality standards and our clients requirements at every stage; from product design,to manufacturing-utilizing new developments is the industry as they appear,and all the way to delivery of"their"profucts to our clients. At Rise Goods LTD.,we are confident in the future of our products, our business model and our relationship with our clients and partners.