27A 12V Alkaline Battery

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This cylinder Alkaline battery is 12 volts, 18 mAh and is used in car and security alarms, electronic transmitters and remote control devices. Dimensions: 1.11" length x .29" wide/diameter.

Fits and replaces: EL812 2000 Toyota Celica GTS Sinocell A27 Sinocell +1A27 2001 Toyota Echo CN27A 2300279A 12 VDC 27A Wildgame Innovations IRX10 Pulse 10x Infrared Digital Wifi Tech Camera Click'n Dig! Transmitter 27AE12V 27A-C5-12V BB000051 SIZE 27A 27A/12 VOLT Orbit Flameless LED Candle Set remote control MN27/A27 12V/27A 27AE 12V ENERCELL 12V 27A Mitsubishi Alkaline LR 27A WRT-1 Ranger One Button Long Range TransmitterUltra Start 72 series car starter 23-944 Enercell Remote Control Battery Enercell 27A PROOE3B4 battery Vinnic 27A 1998 Honda Civic 1997 Toyota Camry GPA27A GP A27A Energizer A27 27A12V 27 A Luggage Locator 48883 27AE L 828 Battery Elvatoe PROOE4BS remote car starter Pursuit PROOE4BS Audiovox PR00E4BS Audiovox Remote Vehicle Starting System Model Pursuit Pro-9276 2007 Toyota Camry key remote Audiovox PRO-OE3B4 Automobile Alarm Pursuit Series Manco 1050L Go Kart kill swtichAudiovox 3 Button Remote PRO-0E3B3 Battery Brain Platinum remote control Prestige Alarm Remote Starter APS-786T Audiovox 3-Button Transmitter, Model No. PRO-OE3B4 (Remote Keyring Automobile Security System) Circuit City 2300279 Vavtt 27A 1997 Toyota 4 Runner with a SecuriKey+ alarm system, PROOE3B4, 2005 Ford F-150, Buldogremote starter RS1100 Buldog Remote Starter, 23-279, Radio Shack 23-279, FCCID ELVAT8B, A27 V12, 27A 12V GP ALKALINE BATTERY, 1997 Explorer Traveler Custom Van conversion, ALKALINE 27A 12V, L828 27A, 12V 27A, PRESTIGE FCC ID: ELVATCB APSK4MSFLCF GSB, 12 VOLT 27A, AUDIOVOX Model PROOE4BS, Blaupunkt GP27A, Bronica GP27A, 27A 12 V BATTERY Fcc Car Remote Id ELVAT0C 4 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id ELVAT0H 4 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id ELVAT7A 4 BUTTON, Fcc Car Remote Id ELVAT8A 3 BUTTON, Radio Shack 23-279, Fcc Car Remote Id ELVAT8B 3 BUTTON,Fcc Car Remote Id ELVAT8C 2 BUTTON, 2000 KIA Sportage Car Remote, 200 KIA Sportage Remote Battery, Car starter #TX2BD.

GN National 27A Alkaline batter, Interstate Batteries ADRY1850, Vinnic L828, 27A, 27A 12V, Others watch Batteries L828, GP27A. remote starter for Geely Euro Elite, Bulldog RS-1100 Remote starter with keyless entry. 99 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

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